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Breathtaking wedding in the ruins of a 1930's Schoolhouse

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

What does it mean to rewind time? I mean really, we all dream of the golden old days when you could have a conversation without a phone in your hand. Taking one picture and shaking it hoping for the best. Sending your friend's letters in the mail and waiting weeks for their response. Although these days have mostly passed us by, there is something romanticized about the long-anticipated wait. Now, we have everything at our fingertips in a fraction of a second. Whatever we could possibly want the difference between now and then? Things took time, and they were worth it, every second of it. with 100s of years of kids playing, laughing, learning, writing, dancing, and growing into the next chapter of their lives the joy remains. The wedding you have always dreamt of takes valuable time to make impeccable, and your big day in the ruins will be worth every second of it.

Here is how it starts:

A curvy slow-down drive, that slowly takes you back in time.

Hair blowing in the wind, as the sun sets through the lens.

Curve by curve

Back to when you couldn't make calls, back to when you had no problems at all.

Sun shinin' lightly through the trees, dancing through the shadows on the streets.

Beautiful through all the seasons, about to marry the man that has me cheesin'.

Curve by curve

uniquivently struck every nerve

Eager to dance the night away, as the pictures capture the moments that will stay.

Ready to see all of you beautiful humans, so do me a favor and meet me at the old-school ruins.

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